Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable to someone who is skilled at listening and helping you to understand yourself better. The role of a Counsellor is not to judge or advise you or make assumptions or diagnose. The Counsellor is there to help you explore whatever aspect of your life you would like to change or make sense of.

People come for counselling for many different reasons. Common difficulties people experience are:

•    Relationships with partners, family, children, friends and colleagues
•    Anxiety and Depression
•    Low Confidence and Self Esteem
•    Stress and Anger Management
•    Bereavement

At times people come to counselling to help them improve their performance at work or in business, make important decisions, become better at communicating or improve things like their work-life balance.

Counselling usually takes place weekly with an appointment arranged for the same day and time every week.

It is a very personal process unique to you and, depending on what you bring to counselling and what changes you would like to make, it can be a short or long term.

You can find out more about counselling at Wellspring, including our fees, by clicking on our Frequently Asked Questions page

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