Dealing with Life's Frustrations

Counselling can help us to understand what triggers our anger and manage our response to it effectively, helping us to regain control and keep ourselves and others safe.

Anger is a natural emotion and part of our “fight or flight” system that can protect us when we are under threat. Like many of our emotions it triggers physical changes within our bodies; our hearts beat faster, our blood pressure increases, our digestive system and other processes shut down.

In everyday life we can usually recover from our feelings of anger fairly quickly and resume our ordinary behaviour. However, if we feel angry a lot of the time this can cause real problems with our physical and mental health as well as damage our relationships. It can leave us feeling out of control and can lead us to harm ourselves and others. At the other end of the scale, feeling angry but not expressing ourselves can leave us feeling depressed and anxious.

Problems with anger can be the result of a reaction to the environment or situation we find ourselves in, such as a highly pressurized and stressful job, money worries, being bullied or a victim of crime or feeling frightened, powerless, humiliated or overwhelmed. We learn to express our emotions largely through our experiences growing up as children, what was acceptable or not acceptable, and as a result we may learn to respond in an angry or threatening way to get our needs met. We may also have experienced anger and violence within our families or learnt that it was not acceptable to express anger. All this can leave us unable to manage or express our anger effectively as adults.

Anger management counselling is about increasing our self-awareness, helping to understand the origins of our anger and what triggers it. It enables us to manage the frustrations we encounter in life without recourse to aggression or angry outbursts.

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"Feeling real is more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as oneself, and to relate to others as oneself, and to have a self into which to retreat for relaxation" DW Winnicott (1971) "Playing and Reality"