Feeling Happier and More Confident

Counselling is a powerful tool for helping us to feel better about ourselves.

Self–esteem refers to how we think and feel about ourselves. When we have low self-esteem we can feel worthless, incompetent and unlovable. We can lack confidence in our abilities or find it difficult to realistically assess our skills and competencies or even trust our selves. We can end up with a distorted view of self and others, find criticism painful and can be drawn to negative and unhealthy relationships.

The foundations of our self-esteem develop in early childhood. When we have received sufficient love and care we feel understood and valued. We internalize these feelings and develop a sense of self-worth which supports and protects us throughout our lives. Negative experiences and troubled relationships weaken it and, because we lack feelings of self-worth this can lead us into a spiral of repeating patterns, further weakening our self-esteem.

Through exploring our own personal history and experience, Counselling can help us to examine our feelings of self-worth and allow us to see more clearly our present situation without feeling blamed. It can also offer an opportunity to see how we repeat early patterns and behaviours in our current relationships, both at home and in the wider world, helping us to make changes in how we think and feel.

Self-esteem allows us to appreciate the qualities we have and respond to others in a positive and productive way. It can help us feel better about ourselves and better about others around us.

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