Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Counselling can you help us relieve anxiety and overcome depression to enable us to lead more enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Anxiety and depression are often responses to unexpressed thoughts and feelings but manifest themselves in different ways. Depression can be a very lonely experience, leaving us cut off from the ebb and flow of life. We may find it difficult to engage in relationships and activities we would normally enjoy and, at its extreme, can leave us feeling detached from ourselves. Anxiety can leave us fearful, restless, feeling on constant “high alert” and, at its extreme, induce debilitating panic.

Both conditions are accompanied by patterns of behaviour which weaken our resolve and our ability to cope. They can severely limit our ability to enjoy life, achieve our goals and damage our overall health. Common symptoms include extreme lethargy, inability to sleep, being able to get to sleep but awakening throughout the night, nightmares, panic attacks, disrupted appetite, repetitive and negative thought patterns, disinterest in social activities and feeling alienated from friends, family and colleagues. Through counselling we can examine these behaviours, what they may be signaling and what this means for us.

Counselling can also help us explore our emotions and find the words to express our sometimes painful feelings within a safe, secure and supportive relationship. With the help of a Counsellor we can find ways to talk about feelings that are troubling, threatening and sometimes contradictory. We can also explore feelings that we may not have acknowledged in the past. Being able to understand ourselves better and our unique underlying causes of depression and anxiety is the first step in developing the internal resources needed to deal with and effectively manage these difficulties. Rather than dampening down our ability to function, we can develop a new understanding and sense of ourselves, enabling us to reflect and own our thoughts and feelings without feeling overwhelmed and lost in the fog of depression or the fearfulness of anxiety.

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