What can I talk about?

You can talk about anything that's bothering you, however large or small you think your problem is. Experience shows that it is often better to catch a difficulty early on, before it has the chance to grow. However, counselling is still helpful even when you have reached crisis point and everything seems impossible. 

Is counselling confidential?

A counsellor will not give information to family, friends, doctors or anyone else without your permission. The only time a counsellor might break confidentiality is if there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others.

How much does counselling cost ?

My fee is £50 per session. Fees are payable monthly in advance. Regular monthly payments can be made by standing order or bank transfer. I am committed to ensuring my services are affordable and offer a small number of sessions at a reduced fee for students in counselling training and people on a low income. Please contact me to discuss these opportunities further.

What happens in the first session ?

The first session is used to explore the possibility of you and I working together. It is a chance for you to ask any questions about how what counselling entails and how it can help you. It is also an opportunity to discuss what your expectations of counselling might be and any anxieties you might have about beginning. The first session will also clarify practicalities such as fees and timing of sessions. 

How long does counselling last?

If after the first session you feel that you would like to begin counselling, then sessions can carry on for as long as you wish them to. You may find that a few sessions are all that you need, or you may wish to continue for longer. Each session of counselling lasts 50 minutes. You will be normally be offered a weekly appointment at a regular time for the number of sessions agreed. 

Can you help someone I know?

You are welcome to contact me to talk through any concerns you have for a friend/colleague/partner etc. However, it is very important that the person who will receive the counselling contacts me directly to arrange their appointment. If you are finding it difficult to deal with another person's problems or behaviour then it may be helpful for you to consider counselling as support for yourself.

Can you help my employees?

I am able to offer counselling to support the wellbeing of your staff. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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